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I'm Kid Block. Roller derby skater, coach and enthusiast! Skating for the Tiger Bay Brawlers + Team England (formerly London Brawling). All opinions are my own.

Book me to Coach Your League

I have a huge passion for coaching and I’m eager to spread the derby knowledge that I have gained while coaching and captaining to other leagues throughout Europe.

I can:

  • tailor a session or bootcamp specific to your needs (beginner/intermediate/advanced/mixed ability)
  • study game footage that you provide beforehand to ensure the session is solely focused on your league’s requirements
  • provide off skate Q&A type strategy classes/footage viewings
  • provide off skate coaching and captaining mentoring in the form of a sit down with the coaches and captains of your league
  • provide one on one coaching (including footage watching and feedback)

If you are interested in hiring me for a session and would like to discuss availability and rates, please email me at:

or alternatively fill out the contact form below.

I’d love to meet you!


“Our cheeks were aching from all the happy.”Cornish Knocker (Manchester Roller Derby)

“This is the happiest I’ve ever seen us collectively. Like happier than a win happy.”  – GoGo (Manchester Roller Derby)

“I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of myself and my team for skating with us, your helpful hints/advice, one on one help, and your support. You are welcome anytime! You truly ROCK KID BLOCK!” Andrea (Hub City Derby Dames, USA)

“Only just coming down from the “high” of having Kid Block come and train us. It was so much fun and we came away with so many awesome new drills! Fantastic time, fantastic derby”  Kate (Romsey Town Rollerbillies)

“OMG such an amazing evening with the Reaper Rollergirls being coached by Kid Block, not gonna sleep again I’m so bouncing with excitement, thank you!” Nicola (Reaper Rollergirls)

“Kid Block really knows her stuff! Her skill and enthusiasm are obvious through her focused and friendly coaching style and our team really felt the benefit of her experience. The session was well-planned and concentrated on areas that we all wanted to improve on – it was a valuable and inspiring day! We highly recommend her to any teams looking for a memorable training session and a fresh, exciting new perspective on roller derby.” –  Delta Strike (Bristol Roller Derby)

“Kid Block ran a fantastic session for our league. Kid’s coaching style is excellent – she explains concepts really well and simply, demonstrates the drills with ease and jam packs the session with little nuggets of golden advice. She is able to cover everything from simple blocking to advance strategies, and provides one-on-one feedback throughout the session. Kid really motivated our girls to push themselves and aspire to be better derby skaters. We would love to have her back anytime.”Insane Bolt (S.W.A.T Roller Derby)

“As a new team just about to start bouting, our boot camp with Kid Block was invaluable! The session provided a great balance of content, combining practical drills with super helpful observations and tactical advice – it really helped to focus all our derby enthusiasm and energy. Everyone walked away hugely inspired and eager to put our new moves into practice. Kid Block was a brilliant teacher, we can’t wait to invite her back!”Hell Cat (Bath Roller Derby Girls)


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