Roller Derby: The Importance of Footage Watching

This is a great read from Left Turn Coaching about the importance of footage watching.

I often get asked how Tiger Bay manage to progress so quickly… there’s no big secret… our love for watching high level derby 100% helps though. We have so many derby fanatics who constantly watch and analyse high level game footage. It ensures our coaches, skaters and therefore training sessions are full to the brim with excitement and ideas.

We also owe a huge part to Becky, our wonderful head of media who films all our games and scrimmages to ensure that we are constantly analysing our own game. This is SO important! Even if you aren’t bouting yet, you can film your scrimmages and practices and encourage your skaters to watch themselves. It might feel awkward and cringeworthy at first, but stick with it – it’s an invaluable tool for your progression.