1) Watch a ton of high level footage – watch the same games over and over and over again. Speed it up/slow it down/ponder/question/wonder/talk about it) Try www.wftda.tv and www.derbynewsnetwork.com

2) Be the first person to arrive at practice

3) Be the last person to leave practice

4) Listen to your coaches – and I mean really listen you guys.

5) Ask questions – constantly… of everybody, all the time.

6) Read books about sports psychology and the mental game – Visit my last post for some ideas of where to start.

7) Create your own derby mentor – don’t even give them a choice… start talking/getting advice from a skater you admire and cling onto them for dear life. (Being nice and friendly is highly recommended here – but not creepy, don’t be creepy.)

8) Spend the majority of your hard-earned money on attending boot camps/scrimmages/games – NOT on fancy gear. You do not need 10 sets of wheels and 5 different pairs of skates throughout one season. Honestly, you don’t.

9) Be super eager and enthusiastic – even if you’re not quite there all the time. Fake it – it will rub off on you and others and everybody will be like “she’s so fun to be in drills with – she’s so enthusiastic!” Everybody wants to be referred to as fun right?!

10) Carry a notepad with you wherever you go – so much so that your team mates actually get fed up of seeing it and groan every time you pull it out of your bag. You WILL forget that awesome idea you just had, honest. Jot down things you want to try, strategies you need to question, drills you want to suggest to your coaches, names of skaters you want to contact, goals you want to set, to-do lists etc.

What have I missed?