Knowing when to ‘give up’ on the jammer is a really valuable skill to have and is something that we train to recognise at TBB. A lot of blockers don’t like to be seen to ‘give up’ (understandably so) and they believe that the jammer chase out front shows determination and effort (which it does). However, sometimes the most effective decision you can make is to give up the chase. Sometimes it is just not ‘worth it’… e.g. the jammer is effectively hugging the inside line and she is fast as hell.

What else could you be doing in those 5-10 seconds that it takes you to chase, slam on the brakes and skate back to the pack? Playing some damn awesome offence that’s what! If you are aiming for a 4-0 pass and your jammer is lead, out, and returning to the back of the pack, ‘giving up’ the opposing jammer and making one swift offensive move could make all the difference.

So, how do you know when it’s time to ‘give up’? This is something that comes with experience and time… the more games you play and the more jammers you play against the more accurate your instincts will be. Obviously (as always) watching high level footage and looking out for these moments will help massively also.

This post was inspired by another great article by Frisky Sour of the Rose City Rollers – her blog is well worth a read!